Boxing Training

What do you need to train as a boxer? It’s a good question. Well how about fitness and knowing the technical side of boxing, the right punches, the right techniques.

Good boxers are fit. It goes without saying. You can’t last 12 – 15 rounds of boxing unless you’re fit. That’s why you see boxers running, skipping, Shadow boxing, putting โปรแกรมมวย the hours in at the gym. Building strength and endurance. You name it and they’re doing the hard work.

Because they know it’ll pay off in the end. Also they’re in the ring sparring. Practicing punches, combinations specific punches. Developing lightening reflexes and hand eye co-ordination. So when the boxer is ready to fight he is at the peak of physical condition. Ready to go the distance. Yet this same boxer in all probability started out by joining a boxing club in the vicinity of their home town. And that’s a great way for anyone to learn this noble art.

However once a boxer shows some promise and commitment, they have a ring savvy boxing coach. Someone who has been there – seen it – done it. Some one who can teach them the technical aspects of boxing.

Well whatever way a boxer trains, they train following a boxing program. One which teaches them how to fight, ring craft and how to become fitter at the same time. But what about the ordinary guy? Somebody who wants to know how to punch correctly (and become fitter from boxing). There’s gotta’ be an easier method surely.

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