45 Incredibly Useful Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

My intuition is sharper, I am more aware of my environment because there is no one to distract me, and when the locals see me, a girl alone, they want to help me rather than harm me. A recommended lecture is the interview of with old solo travel bloggers, Beth Whitman and Ellen Hannon, about recent media anxiety tactics about women’s solo travel here. Another fantastic lecture with difficult travel tips is Solo Travel from Solo Friendly . SafetyWing Nomad Insurance works as a normal travel insurance and covers 180 countries and all standard travel emergencies such as flight interruptions and loss of luggage. Not only does it cover quarantine, but if you get the virus while traveling it will also be covered. Having a repertoire of bullying deterrents can be just as important to traveling women as a pair of sturdy shoes and a passport.

Look at the people around you, both near and far. This shows the potential predators he knows and helps him catch everything that can come. New York-based traveler Christine Lee routinely tells others where she is when traveling alone.

When I was in Egypt, the taxi driver I brought from my hotel took me to a remote area and told me he would take me home and become his wife. It was my first solo trip to that part of the world. He considered jumping out of the car, but he didn’t know if he could escape it or what would happen if he did. I told him that in my culture it was customary to inform our parents about this and that I will answer the next day. I think women are strong and we can handle things. Avoid the dark alleys, watch your drinks and always let someone know where you are.

It is your privilege to set limits that make you feel comfortable. There is a lot of information online about the lifestyle of a trade fair trip, but much of it is mainly for men. Keep some money and a credit card and a bag, and some money and another credit or debit card in another bag. Except for transfer days, one of these should always be locked in the locker of your hotel or hostel.

Most countries require a valid passport to enter and exit. Some countries may need a woman to have a male escort to leave a country. To stay safe and go through the radar of potential thieves and crooks, avoid being too flashy. Used bags and off-fire baggage can be a security tool. We often consider travel alone as an epic, adventurous and resilient experience reserved only for 21-year-old boys with a single backpack.

So if you’re a hopeful solo traveler looking for safety advice, here are some hard-earned tips that have helped me on all my travels. The women’s solo journey continues to warm up. According to the George Washington University School of Business, apartments near 77083 nearly two-thirds of today’s travelers are women. The Travel Industry Association reports that approximately 32 million American women travel alone every year. And travel organizations see a huge increase in the interest of women traveling alone.