Comparison Between LED Street Light and Traditional Lights

1. High lumen output
LED street light offers up to eight times more brightness than incandescent lamps without emissions harmful to the environment.

2. Tremendous energy savings
High power LED light sources are extremely efficient returning a 50 to 80% saving over conventional sodium or mercury lamps.

3. Long life
Operating for an average of 10 hours per day LED has a life span of up to 13 years, 50,000 hours. Unlike traditional light bulbs LED is not fragile and susceptible to breakage or vandalism.

4. High Color Rendering
LED Lights are excellent Color Rendering lighting,Much more clearly lighting for the Highway.

5. No glare or strobe effect
LED light sources do not produce glare or strobe effects common in conventional street lighting, reducing visual fatigue for drivers and pedestrians alike.

6. No dust absorption or yellowing
Because led street light at low voltage and low temperature there is no reduction in brightness or yellowing, which is associated with traditional street lighting, over the life span of the LED.

7. Instant start
Unlike sodium lights, require a time delay.

Item 250W HPS light 100W
LED light remarks
Features Gas discharge lighting Solid lighting Shake-proof better
Luminous flux Higher Normal high-efficient,Better Color Rendering makes the surroundings to be much more clearly in the darkness.
Illumination Same Same
Color Rendering Poor Good
life span 2~3years 10~12years last much more longer.
Environmental protection Pollution Non pollution without mercury, lead pollution
Maintenance 3%/year 3‰/year – LED light needs less Maintenance.
Power control Variable power Constant power “Constant power” makes saving more energy & life span last longer.
Intelligent control Hard Easy Intelligent control.As: Time-control, Light-control, Temperature -control, Reinforced lighting protection.
Input voltage 190V~245V 85V~260V
start-up voltage 190V None
start-up current 3.8A None
Wire cross-section 4000mm2 330mm2 Calculated on 9KM ‘s Wires
Wire diameter 71mm 20mm Calculated on 9KM ‘s Wires
Transformer capacity 250KW 55KW Calculated on 9KM ‘s Wires
Kwh /day 2.5 1.0 Each lamp works 10 hours /day.


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