How To Plan A Trip To Oktoberfest In Munich

Then the Bavarian Prince-Elector Maximilian I had to pass a bill banning the sale of food in those beer gardens. Since then, he has been allowed to bring his own food to every beer garden. When you travel, you should buy a ticket as soon as possible, either at the station or, if that is not possible, at a machine on board as soon as you board. Sometimes you still have to validate your ticket after purchase.

Public transport in Munich covers a very large area, but it is unlikely that it will travel too far. It all started when Crown Prince Louis married Princess Theresa on October 12, 1810. The citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities held in the fields in front of the city, which locals call “Wies’n”.

Once I tried to have a quiet picnic by the river in the English Garden of Munich (one of the largest city parks in the world). Eating my pretzel was difficult because an old man ran naked, wild and free viaggi oktoberfest across the river from me, periodically bathed and flaunted his body like Ryan Gosling on steroids. ” back and forth until one of you dies. No, a German arrives on time. Maybe even ten minutes earlier.

I honestly don’t know what to do with tips in Germany. Is it included, a common practice, or does it vary in a peculiar way? But still, I thought it was an interesting piece of advice for Germany. At my last Air Bnb in Nuremberg, I swelled with conceit as I stepped into a small room in a car lift without sweating or cursing.

▲▲Nymphenburg Castle The impressive summer palace of the Wittelsbachs, with a hunting lodge, a coach museum, a beautiful collection of royal porcelain and a vast park. ▲▲The main square of Marienplatz Munich, in the heart of a lively pedestrian zone, guarded by the new town hall. Built in the 1300s, the ornate altar and painted panels are one of the best things to do in Munich while in the city. I am a solo traveller originally from the UK and has been travelling the world full-time since 2018.