Is Buying Property In Belize A Good Idea? Land, Houses, Commercial And More

That can mean you’ll save significantly compared to using your regular bank for international payments and expenses. Real estate costs in Belize vary greatly by location, reflecting the popularity of different cities and towns among locals and expats. Popular tourist destinations are among the most expensive places available to buy property in Belize, but you can certainly find cheaper deals if you’re willing to shop around or choose a promising location. Performing checks to ensure that a property you are buying is in good condition is important everywhere.

As real estate experts in Belize, we know that there are many more questions to ask before you buy a property. When you are looking to invest in real estate in Belize or even just have questions about the process, contact REMAX Island Real Estate, your one-stop resource for Belize Real Estate. Belize is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places on earth. It’s no wonder more people are getting interested in buying property and owning their own piece of heaven in Belize. The good news is that buying a vacant lot or house in Belize is an incredibly simple process, even for those who live hundreds, if not thousands, of miles from this paradise. The preferred way to own real estate is through Title Free and Clear, either as an individual or through a legal entity.

Belize country certificates or clear transfer deeds are guaranteed by the Government of Belize and its secure titles and any country in the Commonwealth, Europe or North America. A “good and clear” title advice is only issued when the real estate lawyer of Belize has already done the necessary title research. Check out our Real Estate News section for up-to-date information on the latest real estate prices in Belize and the developments of our real estate lawyers in Belize.

Maybe someone has already built your dream home for you, a house that could be perfect for you with very small changes. Many homes are built to American/Canadian standards and are often fully or partially furnished. In addition, appliances, curtains, household items such as plates, pots, pans and cutlery, televisions, electronics are often included. There is “city water” available in most cities, but almost everyone uses bottled or purified water for cooking and drinking. Rainwater harvesting for domestic use is quite normal in areas such as the Council. Consider what your requirements will be when determining the size of your cistern and the number of collection points it will feed.

It is considered public land even if it is adjacent to your private property. While you are free to use it, that use should be non-exclusive. You also may not build a permanent building or attempt to restrict the access of others to the property. Belize currently imposes no restrictions on the ability to purchase zoned land for residential or commercial use. Even as a non-citizen, you have the opportunity to purchase one of these properties.

Property within six miles of international borders is off limits and there are restrictions on some islands and beachfront accommodations unless they are in one of the tourist zones. The construction of above water also requires a permit with a special concession from the maritime authorities and the Ministry of Finance, with the exception of Contadora Island on the Pearl Islands. There are some restrictions on owning real estate in Honduras.

However, Belize is one of the few Central American countries that actually offers title insurance through one of the leading U.S. providers, Stewart Title. A foreigner may own property directly in Belize and has the same rights as a Belizean citizen to absolute property. Since the repeal of the Alien Land Tenure Act in 2001, no licenses, permits, special permits or conditions are required for a foreigner to acquire property titles in Belize.

The buying process is similar: there are many similarities between buying property in Belize and other foreign countries, including Canada and the United States. At first, buying real estate in Belize may seem like a daunting process, but buying land or a home in Belize is not as difficult as it seems. But before you sell or buy your property, consult the experts for all your property management needs. These lots have just entered the market and have a price to sell. All lots can be connected to city electricity and are connected to the internet. And don’t forget: you can also save on currency conversion fees when you live, work or travel abroad with an international Wise account.

We can give you names of builders who have recently built in the area, but this is a process that requires you to do your own due diligence. While it’s common for people to obsess over “cost Mahogany Bay Property per square foot,” understanding what each builder does and doesn’t include in calculating costs can vary widely. You can expect a builder to give you quotes for tiles, fixtures, etc.

The sale is recorded through a lawyer and with the government as a legal transaction, so buyers don’t have to worry about the property being sold under them. However, one important thing you need to know if you want to buy real estate in Belize is that the property is not transferred until the house is paid for, so the seller is also protected. This gives the seller a guaranteed income, while also giving new residents a little more money to settle.