Stay in the Rat Race – On the Web

Today the web is growing more quickly than ever. Web2.0 barely came out that we are already speaking about Web3.0.

How to develop your Website, how to get closer to the expectations of the customers, how to benefit from new technologies? A solution for some who are new to the net economy, who are trying to enter the game, by hoping for the best. Later it will be necessary to engage a collaborator, and others gradually….read more..

the-7-web3-developer-skills-every -developer-needs-to-know

Have you got a super ambitious plan? How many developers would you engage? Difficult question, now that you will not forcibly need everybody, all the time. Luckily, it is possible today and even easy to entrust the realization of your web service, even if they are of great value, to freelance developers or to specialized web agencies. Here are 5 good reasons:

1. You win in reactivity

In the field of the Internet, reactivity is a necessity.

How to find the specialized skills, controlling the last technologies, without wasting time and by taking least possible risk?

Answer: By Outsourcing your development, and by choosing the technology partner ( like us ) and his competences, to call upon experts. These means are readily available and allow you to win in reactivity right away.

2. Your website wins in effectiveness

To develop an application web with rich features and content takes time. It is therefore very current that businessman/woman like you have to make a choice between the development and the power of the software. Often, if a website is developed internally, priority must be given in the reactivity, so as to prevent the website coming out too late. The advantage of the outsourcing is therefore to be able to recruit over given period of time, several developers all at once, and to be able to choose the effectiveness without penalizing reactivity.

3. Accessibility of High End Skills at Low cost

In the life of a firm, even based on the web, do we really need developers all the time? The fastness by which modes and technologies change, proves that it is certainly appealing to always have a developer at your reach, but at what price? By Outsourcing, you pay only for the development that you need. You can choose, to the liking of your needs, competences that your firm requires. So, in other words your organisation is growing into a virtual team.

4. You lower your expenses

To outsource internal development is common practice, and sometimes desirable in terms of expenses. Notably in case the quantity of necessary development is important and effusive. Today, it is even possible to have projects developed for fixed rates which reduces the risks of seeing a big bill, which makes outsourcing very accessible in terms of costs. Outsourcing destinations are mainly India, China, Philippines and Mauritius ( where we are based ).

5. It is consequently easy to find a Technology partner ( like me 😉 )

Finding a skilled contractor and at good price has not always been easy an easy task. How to test skills, how to measure if you will are getting value for money? There are many existing protocols to go about finding one, but do you really want to go through this? No ? Then please get in touch with me, I am happy to help in any case. I will surely put you in the right direction.






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