4 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring

Instead, a ring with a central diamond plus a minimal design is easy to shape into a smaller or larger size. If you plan to buy wedding rings online, check out the ring guidance table for the right size. It is recommended to choose a ring with an average size that is larger than the actual ring size.

Jewelers have many ways to help you figure out what you love, so don’t worry if you’re not sure what you want when you walk in. They will likely show you a variety of different wedding rings with different precious metals DR wedding bands to help you narrow down your selection. After all, isn’t trying on beautiful jewelry one of the advantages of being engaged? We spoke to several jewelers about the tips and tricks you need to know before you go shopping.

If they are not the same, the color and appearance of the band will vary slightly. When choosing the perfect wedding ring, consider the setting and how it might complement or contrast your engagement ring. “Fit” is a term that refers to how gemstones are attached to the band. The problem we’re solving in this post is really great, as the issues go – we’re talking about how to make sure your wedding ring and engagement ring complement each other!

While there are no strict rules for matching your engagement ring with your wedding ring, you should love the way you look together, as this is often how you will wear them. It’s up to you whether you want the set to be a perfect or just complementary combination. When you buy your wedding ring, you should try options, both with your ring and without it, to make sure you like the look worn both ways. With a plethora of styles to choose from, selecting a wedding ring can be a process of trial and error. Give yourself time to try on different wedding rings and discover the differences and small details that can have the biggest impact.

From choosing a metal, selecting prints or ornaments, and buying the bands for the big day, expert Shannon Haas breaks down everything you need to know to say “yes” to your wedding ring. After choosing a metal ring, you need to decide which style of wedding ring you prefer. Consider whether you want a wedding ring that sits flush against your engagement ring, or if you don’t mind having a small space between the two.

It’s entirely a personal preference, and many couples today choose the non-traditional route: selecting a wedding ring that each of them loves and that suits their individual style. “Wedding rings for him and her” are a popular choice among the bride and groom. This look can be easily created by opting for the same metal, enhancing a traditional and classic feel. However, when the flavors in metal differ, wedding rings can be united in the romantic act of personal engraving.

“Our engagement ring fits more in combination with one or more wedding rings,” says Ashley Zhang about Ashley Zhang Jewerly. If you don’t want a gap between your two rings, opt for a classic wedding ring style. “The most common mix is a set of white and yellow gold, but don’t limit yourself to what you love,” Montague says.

Whether your custom jewelry designs are identical or revolve around the same concept, Mokume Gane wedding rings forged with the same metal billet make for a truly unique piece. In the past, many couples chose matching metal band ensembles as an expression that they had become one and belonged together. There’s no rule that says you should choose matching metals for your wedding rings, and you’re no less married if you do.

If you have a completely different taste and want a rose gold band while he wants black titanium, that’s totally fine too! Discussing the options will help you both find rings that you will love. Wedding rings are made from scratch for you, so give yourself time to make your choice and wait for them to arrive in the showroom. Round diamonds are the traditional cut for wedding rings, but there are also princess cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds. Usually the diamond cut on the belt coincides with the diamond cut on the engagement ring. A tip adjustment shows that the diamonds go to the edge and allows more light into the diamond for maximum clarity.

It is advisable to take some time off to decide on the design and details of the ring. This should be done at an early stage to remain free for actual marriage preparations. When it comes to metal, do you want to combine or do you want to mix it? We found that people with a more classical sensitivity tend to keep metal the same, but it’s also fun to experiment with different combinations of metals. One of our personal favorite combos is the warm shade of rose gold next to white gold or platinum. If you wear multi-metal rings in addition to your engagement ring and wedding ring, then a mixed wedding ensemble is definitely worth considering.